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Stein Rug Cleaning

Holidays time is a perfect time to refresh your home and clean your area rugs and that you love so much. We’ve decided to give you 25% OFF our rug cleaning service to help you get your cleaning started.

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Why Stein Rug Cleaning & Repair

Expert Rug Cleaning service

We only employ the most trained and professional rug cleaning and repair personal in the industry. You can be rest assured that your valueable rug are in good hands.

Free Pick Up & Delivery

We have 100% Free pick up and Delivery service. It is not incorporated in the price and no hidden fees.

NO Bait & Switch

Unfortunately many companies in our rug cleaning industery quote you one price and it changes when the technician arrives. We pride ourselves with set pricing and honest customer service.

Rug Cleaners You Can Trust

Area Rug Cleaning

If you own area rugs, you might forget just how unique and valuable they are. We position them on the flooring, set furniture on top of them and treat them the same way we deal with any other flooring covering. Basically, we walk all over them. Area rugs are made to take abuse. Nevertheless, there are some things that will trigger permanent damage or entirely ruin your gorgeous rugs. No matter how cautious you are with vacuuming and stain removal, the deeply ingrained soils, oils and contaminants require to be removed. Don’t wait till your rug looks unclean. Wool has the ability to hide a tremendous quantity of soil, soil that we find in your wool rugs can trigger permanent damage to the rug fibers.

Stein Rug cleaning & Repair focuses on Rug treatments are effective to get the results you are looking for. We treat your rugs with the utmost care and attention, without using any hazardous or harsh agents. As an eco-friendly company, we just use non-toxic effective options to make your area rug fresh, clean while restoring its appeal. We concentrate on a variety of rug that include Persian rugs, Area rugs, and Domestic rugs. We also use Free Pickup and Delivery services to our clients for implant cleaning, or in some cases, we can clean on-site if requested. Our specialized technicians will make an initial assessment on the rug and will perform the advised method that works well for each specific rug type.

Stein Rug cleaning & repair rug cleaning process will remove the most difficult spots, odors and germs that develop up with time. Our approaches are market tested processes that will restore your rugs to its gorgeous condition and protect their fragile fabrics. Stein Rug cleaning & repair is equipped with modern innovative cleaning together with old school techniques and knowledge to carry out the cleaning process completely and safely on your rugs. Once all the soil and dirt has been removed, our rug cleaning procedure frequently needs options with varying pH values to complete the cleaning. When we have completed the cleaning process, we will restore its original pH grade so you will have a nice soft and clean rug under your feet.

Our Rug Cleaning Process

1. Pre-Inspection

Our rug experts will perform an area rug assessment to identify the condition and type of fabric in order to determine the best cleaning process for optimal results.

2.Vacuuming & Dusting

The second and extremely important step is preparing the rug for deep cleaning by vacuuming and dusting the upper and bottom of the rug multiple times to remove the soil and debris. It can be surprising how much soild can be removed in this stage.

3. Pre-Conditioning

The fibers of the rug are pre-conditioned with Natural cleaning agents and agitated to release soil.

4. Odor and Stain Treatment

We perform special treatment that is needed is most cases such as pet odor, stain removal, moth killing and more.

5. Soaking(Rug bath)

In many cases when the rug is heavily soiled or contains pet urine we soak the rug in a rug bath with special materials that will assist us in reaching the results you are looking for.

6. Hand Washing

The rug is then carefully hand-washed up to 3 times in our washing station. Upon completing this step, we use our propietory equipment to extract as much water as possible for maximum results and faster drying time.

7. Drying

Drying the rug is taking place after hand-washing the rugs. Some rugs are hanging to dry and some rugs are laid flat to prevent deformation of the rugs.

8.Final Inspection

The rug will go through a final inspection to make sure it’s fully ready to be delivered. We will brush the rug and fringes, apply fiber protection if requested by the customer in order to provide future protection against spills and dirt. The rug is is rolled and delivered back to your home.

Happy Customers

"Stein Rug Cleaning has been my go to place with my oriental rugs for years now. Their customer service and quality of cleaning has kept me a loyal customer. Great place to send your rugs for cleaning"

Nancy Roberts

Google Reviewer

“They did an AMAZING work on my Tabriz rug. They replaced the fringes and made it look like new, highly recommended"

Dan Swartz


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